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Unofficial 2003 Sullivan County Election Results

Last updated as of 12:45 p.m., 11/05. Winners where there are races

are highlighted in red. Incumbents are indicated with an asterisk (*). 




Gunther Disassembles Sorensen

Aileen Gunther, widow of the late Assembylman Jake Gunther, has taken the 98th Assembly seat vacancy in votes that reflected a nearly 2 to 1 ratio over former Sullivan County Planning Commissioner Alan Sorensen.

Leg. Shake Up in County Government

Call it sweet revenge or at least a savory recoup of losses for the county’s Democrats. Democratic candidates won back three of the nine legislature seats to change the balance of power on that governing body. Democrats had mounted an organized campaign to take back the seats following a messy party-switching move by District 7’s Leni Binder and District 8’s Bob Kunis left the Democratic Party last June. The two took on the Republican affiliation so that Binder could become legislature chair with Kunis becoming the vice chair.

Upsets in Mamakating, Delaware

In the towns, Mamakating smart-growth advocate Fred Harding, a Democrat, lost the town supervisor’s Race to challenger Republican-Conservative Charles Penna. In Delaware, Democrat incumbent town supervisor Bill Moran lost to Republican-Conservatve Brad Mallet Jr.

Nail Biter in Liberty

In latest counts, Democrat Frank DeMayo had just squeaked past Republican Shirley Lindsley by four votes to lay claim to the town’s top elected post. Long-time supervisor Dick Martinkovic decided to leave the job earlier this year. And in a true photo finish, Lynn Killian and Kevin Mullen, both on the same ticket (Democratic) went home tied 444 apiece in the race for the second open seat on the town board. Tom Hasbrouck handily won the first opening.



New York State Assembly
Alan J. Sorensen, R-C

Aileen M. Gunther, D

Sullivan County Legislature
District 1

Christopher Cunningham, D-C*

Margaret I. Hazen, R

District 2

Kathleen LaBuda, D-C*

John J. LiGreci, R

District 3

Gregory Goldstein, R-C*

Elwin “Woody” Wood, D

District 4

Donald P. Trotta, R*

Jonathan F. Rouis, D-C

District 5

Rodney Gaebel, R-C*

Joan Kern, D

District 6

Jodi Goodman, R-C*

Kevin M. Hopkins, D

District 7

Leni Binder, R-C*

Nathan Steingart, D

District 8

Bob Kunis, R-C*

Ronald G. Hiatt, D

District 9

James L. Carnell Jr., R-C*.

Sam Wohl , D

Sullivan County Clerk

George L. Cooke, D-C, unopposed

Sullivan County Coroner

David A. Sager, R-C*

Robert Cordani, D

Town of Bethel

Robert Bob Bonnaci, Sr. R-C

Ira “Moose” Liff, D

Richard A. Morey, Jr.

Town Clerk

Rita J. Sheehan, unopposed


Cindy L. Barber, unopposed

Town Council (two seats)

Harold E. Russell, R-C

Daniel Sturm

Jeryl Abramson

Richard Crumley

Robert Blais, D-C

Highway Superintendent

Bernard Cohen

Lynden Lilley, D-C

Tax Collector

Robert Doherty

Debra Gabriel, D-C

Town of Callicoon
Town Supervisor

Gregg Semenetz, R* unopposed

Town Clerk

Janet Brahm, unopposed


Walter McKeen, unopposed

Town Council (two seats)

Dennis Baim

Howard Fuchs

Highway Superintendent

James Hess, unopposed

Tax Collector

Maureen Schlott, unopposed

Town of Cochecton
Town Supervisor

Joseph Manaseri, Jr. R

Salvatore Indelicato,* D

Town Council (two seats)

Lisa P. Haas

Gary D. Maas, R-C

Larry Richardson, D

Sharron Cardone

Highway Superintendent

George W. Blaso

Brian DuBois, D-C

Tax Collector

Linda A. Keesler

Anna Sauer, D

Town of Delaware
Town Supervisor

Bradley W. Mallet, Jr., R-C

William Moran, D*

Town Clerk/ Collector

Tess Tenbus McBeath, unopposed


H. John Kramer, unopposed

Town Council (two seats)

Arnold R. Baum

Kevin T. Connors, D

James H. Scheutzow , D

Highway Superintendent

William J Eschenberg, unopposed


Verl A Ringgenberg, unopposed

Town of Fallsburg
Town Supervisor

Ruby Gold, R

Steven J. Levine,* D-C


Bart A. Rasnick, R-C

Ivan Kalter

Town Council (two seats)

Kathleen P. Sullivan

Robert S Leventoff

Ann Prusinski,* D

Arnold Seletsky, D-C

Town of Forestburgh
Town Supervisor

Roy Gunther, R

John J. “Bill” Sipos,* D-C


Raul Roy Rojas

Brian Gager

Town Clerk

Evelyn Parks, R-C

Kim K. Stacy

Town Council (two seats)

James E. Steinberg Sr.

Alan S. Kesten

Ken Schultz, D

John W. Galligan, D

George Cuff

Highway Superintendent

Dan Hogue Jr., unopposed

Tax Collector

Margaret Abdoo, unopposed

Town of Fremont
Town Supervisor

James Greier, D, unopposed

Town Clerk

Paul Kellam, unopposed


Lori Ann Bertsch

Frank Armstrong, D

Town Council (two seats)

George E Conklin, R

John Hubert, R

Robert Theadore

Onofrio Chuck Papa

Highway Superintendent

Brian G. Gebelein

Martin Meyer, D

Tax Collector

Deborah Forsblom, unopposed

Town of Highland

Town Supervisor

Allan Schadt,* D

Stephen H Barnes, C

Town Clerk/ Collector

Doreen Hanson, unopposed

Town Council (two seats)

Roseann C. Paolini

Andrew Valenti, R-C

Paul Zimmerman, D

H. Marsha Hunter

Highway Superintendent

Norman W Sutherland, unopposed

Town of Liberty
Town Supervisor

Shirley Lindsley, R-C

Francis J. DeMayo, D


Brian P. Rourke

Elissa Y. Killian

Town Clerk/ Tax Collector

Janet LeRoy, unopposed

Town Council
(two seats)

Thomas E Hasbrouck, R-C

Joanne McPhillips

Kevin P. Mullen • Tied

Lynn P. Killian • Tied

Town of Lumberland

William H McKerrell Jr., unopposed

Town Council

Joseph F. Carr Jr.

Nadia Rajsz

Town of Mamakating
Town Supervisor

Charles E. Penna, R-C

Fred R. Harding, Jr.,* D

James R. Barnett

Town Clerk

Jean M Dougherty, unopposed


Joel W. Welsh, unopposed

Town Council (two seats)

Arthur Ramos

Regina Saunders, R-C

John Sean Moriarty, D

Robert E. Fiore

Marcia Hamill

Highway Superintendent

Richard D. Johnson Jr., unopposed

Tax Receiver

Janet M Evans, unopposed

Town of Neversink
Town Supervisor

Georgianna Lepke, R-C, unopposed

Town Clerk

Lisa M. Garigliano, unopposed


Barbara A. Garigliano, unopposed


Town Council (two seats)

Arden F. Dean

Carol S. Furman, R-C

Bryan Delaney, D

Highway Superintendent

Gary Van Valkenburg, unopposed


Paul J. Vetter

Gene A. Froelich, R-C

Donald TerBush

Town of Rockland
Town Supervisor

Patricia S. Pomeroy,* D

Justices (two seats)

Harold Madison, R-C

Franklin E. Gibson, R-C

George W. Hendrickson

Pete Feinberg

Town Clerk

Margaret Roberts

Judy A. Newman, D-C

Town Council (two seats)

Richard Welch

Patrick O. Casey, R-C

Glen T. Carlson, D

Bernard J. Olff

Highway Superintendent

Mark A. Zeininger, R-C

Bowman G. Owen

Tax Collector

Rose Mary Hankins

Kimberly A. Taggart, D

Town of Thompson
Town Supervisor

Anthony P. Cellini, D-C, unopposed


Perry Meltzer, unopposed

Town Council
(two seats)

Sharon L. Jankiewicz

Alex Rey

John Washington, D

Peter Briggs, D-C

Tax Receiver

Kristine Walsh Gallet

Barbara Goldfarb, D

Town of Tusten
Town Supervisor

Bernard R. Johnson, R, unopposed

Town Council (two seats):

Lewis Meckle Jr.

Barbara Buckman

Highway Superintendent

George Kinch, R

Ronald Schalck


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